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Where it all began

Who are we?

USHGRAM TRUST is a multipurpose, multifaceted voluntary organization founded in the year 1980. It has an alternative and integrated outlook on rural development. All activities are essentially non-profit, non-political and voluntary. Its twin approaches of awareness dissemination and development interventions provide an innovative model for change with people's participation, local leadership, high standards of accountability and transparency.

Trustee Members

The Trust was formed with the following Trustee members

Gopal Chandra ChakrabortyTreasurer

Jyotirmoy BoseSecretary

Charu Chandra JoarderMember

Gurudas MustafiMember

Monotosh BiswasMember

Dilip Kumar MukherjeeMember


Secretary’s Desk

Arun Bhowmik Secretary, Ushagram Trust, January 2021

Our Village Development Plan charts an ambitious path to transform the lives of our people. The process of preparing the Plan gave the villagers, from school children to elderly people, the opportunity to think about the kind of future they want for themselves and for future generations.

The vision which sprang from people’s participation in the planning process encapsulates all that is fundamental to development – peace, security, freedom, tolerance, equity, improved health, education, access to jobs and food security. Making the vision real is a bold and challenging task. It will require a sustained and combined effort from the public and private sectors and from the civil society. It will also require the sustained help of our development partners.

The objective of our Village Development Plan is to focus on financial inclusion and also to develop the villages in an integrated manner. This would include economic development, infrastructure development and other aspects of human development i.e., education, health, drinking water supply, etc., besides access to credit.

The Broad Roles and Responsibilities of Ushagram Trust as the Implementing agency are as follows:

  • To create awareness in the village and play effective leadership role in building People’s Organization/ Groups for various developmental activities.
  • To facilitate convergence/integration of various programmes of NABARD, State/Central Government and other agencies in the village.
  • To help/prepare a Village Development Plan to ensure socio-economic and livelihood advancement with enhanced credit support and financial inclusion of all families in the village.
  • To identify capacity building needs of the villagers.
  • To assist in infrastructure development in the village through participation of people / local institutions.
  • To protect forests and preserve the village eco-system and conserve soil health and other natural resources.
  • To monitor progress of implementation of the plan.

I am honored to have led the consultation with our people which fed so directly into the Plan and now, as Secretary of this institution, I am committed to ensuring that this Plan and all that it represents be translated into actions that will transform people’s lives. I hope that we will look back with pride on the development path we followed from our Independence.

Present Board of Trustees

Our Present Board of Trustee members

Dr. Ardhendu Biswas


Sri Arun Bhowmik


Sri Krishnalal Talukdar


Dr. Rita Dutta

Trustee Member

Dr. R. Bhattacharjee

Trustee Member

Sri Partha Ranjan Das

Trustee Member

Sri Avijit Singha

Trustee Member


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