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Our Pioneer

Sri Jyotirmoy Bose

Sri Jyotirmoy Bosu

Yoga means union with the divine and the union is affected through offering of oneself to the divine.

Our respected Gopal Chandra Chakravarty set up the Village Development Centre (Ushagram Vikash Kendra) in a remote village in Nadia district to enlighten the poor and distressed people of the surrounding area. It would have not been possible for him to do this noble work if Mr. Jyotirmoy Bose did not come to help him. Mr. Bose came of a respectable family of undivided Bengal. His father, Mr. Jiban Mohon Bose, was a renowned educationist and his mother Amiya Devi was also an educated and spirited lady. Ms Dipti Bose, the famous principal of Krishnagar Women’s College was the only sister of Mr. Jyotirmoy Bose.

On12th July,1921, Mr. Bose was born in Calcutta. His schooling was begun in the Ballygunge Govt. School in Calcutta. Then he went to U.K. to take Higher education from School of Economics of London. After completion of studies he came back Calcutta to stay with his mother, because in the mean time Mr. Jiban Mohon Bose had passed away.

As Mr. Jyotirmoy was a brilliant student, so it was not difficult for him to get a lucrative job in Development Department of West Bengal. He had been in Nilokhari, East Panjab also for several years and engaged himself in the same profession. After the last period of his service Mr. Bose was the administrator/Principal of S.I.P.R.D in Kalyani, Nadia.

In the beginning of eighties Jyotirmoy Bose came to know about the social activities of Sri Gopal Chandra Chakravarty, who was trying then alone to spread education among the illiterate villagers in Nadia. He was so much impressed with the noble vision of Sri Chakravarty that he decided to join immediately to take part in Gopal Chandra’s activities. According to his pleasure the name of the place where Sri Gopal Chandra began his noble works has converted into ‘USHAGRAM’. Gradually, Mr. Bose became the part and parcel of Ushagram Trust.

He had great devotion to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother of Pondicherry. Being inspired by him, Gopal Chandra gave away all his movable and immovable property as offerings at the feet of Sri Aurobindo and Sri Maa. Mr. Jyotirmoy Bose also dedicated his life and properties for the welfare of Ushagram Trust.

Mr. Jyotirmoy Bose was a very simple and sweet hearted person. His teaching capacity to the children was incomparable. He used to dance and sing with the babies like their playmates. That is why everyone loved him deeply.

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