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About Ushagram Vikas Kendra

Welcome to Ushagram

USHAGRAM TRUST is a multi-purpose, multifaceted voluntary organization founded in 1980. Ushagram Trust has an alternative and integrated outlook on rural development. All activities are non-profit, non-political and voluntary. The twin approaches of awareness dissemination and development interventions provide an innovative model for change with people's participation, local leadership, high standards of accountability and transparency.

The name of the Project is Ushagram i.e., the village of dawn (Usha), where there will be continuous experiments for raising the levels of awareness of the whole community. Ushagram is a dream to be realized, an aspiration to build a conscious community as the nucleus of a brave new world.

The main aim of the Trust is not merely to show sympathy for the poor or plain philanthropy, but to build a harmonious, conscious community in a small compact area.

Ushagram, therefore, is a voluntary organization inspired by the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and with a dream such as the one behind the Auroville Project in a small area of rural Bengal.

Unique Features

Ushagram Trust is a leading, poor and needy Child & Mother, Adolescent Child, unemployed youths both male and female care organization. The following unique features make it "The Foundation of its Growth”.

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